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Inteltrack Services

We offer a complete fleet management solution and route optimization services.

Inteltrack Services

Inteltrack Service

Introducing IntelTrack by Amalgamated Security Limited – your comprehensive GPS tracking and smart security solution now available in Trinidad and Tobago, Barbados, Guyana, Grenada, St Lucia, Antigua, and St Vincent. Our IntelTrack platform offers an array of advanced features including vehicle tracking, fleet management solutions, and enhanced security functionalities, ensuring unparalleled safety and control over your assets.


At IntelTrack, we understand the diverse needs of our clients, which is why we provide a range of devices tailored for vehicle, fleet, personal, and asset tracking. Our intelligent vehicle tracker serves as a seamless extension of your fleet management, connecting you with real-time insights and control via a user-friendly smartphone app or web portal, empowering you to safeguard your assets round-the-clock.


With IntelTrack devices your data is securely transmitted from your vehicles to your preferred device in real-time. Gain valuable insights into your fleet’s performance, including speed, distance, fuel efficiency, and driving patterns, all meticulously logged for your convenience.


What sets IntelTrack apart is our utilization of big data and AI technologies, enabling us to track your assets with precision even in areas with limited connectivity. Coupled with our intuitive web-based portal and mobile application, IntelTrack delivers a robust and reliable GPS monitoring solution, customizable to meet your specific requirements.


Experience the next level of security and control with IntelTrack – where innovation meets peace of mind. Reach out to us today to discover how our advanced GPS tracking services can elevate your security measures and optimize your asset management strategies.

Features Description
Live Tracking
Real- time tracking with current speed, journey distance and time
Theft Prevention
Amber Shield feature uses artificial intelligence to protect your vehicle. When a threat is detected the vehicle shuts down the engine, sends an alarming app notification.
Real Time Alerts
IntelTrack provides a wide range of real-time alerts: Critical alerts (collision, tow), Anti-theft alerts, Aggressive driver behaviour, Safety Alerts
Remote Engine Shutdown
Shutdown engine remotely from the app or web portal
Receive an alert if device is tampered with
Trip History and Playback
View each trip on road map or satellite view. Classify trips as business, personal or custom.
One touch SOS alert
Send SOS alert from app or panic button
IPX5 Waterproof
Water-resistant case to ensure stable operation in tough environment
International SIM
Ability to connect to multiple mobile networks for connectivity redundancy and stability.

ASSL Inteltrack system also has the ability to track cell phones in the same manner as vehicles can be tracked. This tracking of cell phones gives companies further capabilities for providing security to employees and also allows employers to know the location of employees especially when those employees are out of their vehicle.


With the Inteltrack cell phone tracking, staff with a cellular phone gets a panic button feature along with GPS tracking. Through this mechanism, any staff that is under threat can simply trigger the panic button which would send an instantaneous signal to a Central Monitoring Station and a response protocol is activated. As a result of the GPS tracking that would be tied to the panic signal, the Central Monitoring Station and employer would know exactly where the employee is located as their position would be shown on a map on your computer. If the staff is forced to move from the location, the GPS tracking feature on the cellular phone would allow employer to know the movements of the staff.


The A.S.S.L. Inteltrack solution can be easily understood by anyone with a basic knowledge of Microsoft Office Suite because its graphical user interface is very intuitive.  The system is so easy to use that existing users can easily transfer their knowledge of its use to new employees.

With Inteltrack Tracking Services

With the ASSL Inteltrack system, whether used for vehicle tracking, cell phone tracking or other asset tracking, customers get:


  • Multi-user access
  • Online real time tracking
  • Driving Directions
  • Emergency Alert – Panic Button
  • Flexibility of Emergency Instructions
  • Reconstruction of Incidents
  • Notifications
  • Special Mapping, Map Overlays – Layers
  • Reports
  • User Control

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