Amalgamated Security Services Limited (ASSL)

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The region’s premier security provider is now certified in ISO 9001, ISO 18788 and ANSI/ASIS PSC1.


The region’s premier security provider is now certified in ISO 9001, ISO 18788 and ANSI/ASIS PSC1.


ISO 9001:2015, ISO 18788:2015, ANSI/ASIS PSC 1:2012

ASSL’s CEO, Pamela Hosein explains:

“We always have and always will run a security operation that is absolutely quality focused. We are extremely proud of our recent certifications in ISO 9001 – the International Standard for Quality Management; ISO 18788 – the International Standard for Private Security Companies; and ANSI/ASIS PSC.1 – the American Standard for Private Security Companies.

These achievements just demonstrate that we have taken it to a new level as a customer-centric organization where all services are delivered in accordance with international quality and safety standards, codes of conduct and industry best practice within a framework that aims to ensure respect for human rights, national and international laws, and fundamental freedoms.
This certification applies to Amalgamated Security Services Limited Trinidad & Tobago as it serves the region.”

Chairman, Dr. (h.c.) Michael Aboud adds:
“These standards represent a global consensus on effective and efficient operations. In operating according to those standards, we will continue to bring to our region a level of professionalism, of vigilance, of courage, and of respect, that is unmatched within the private security industry. We will continue to be the gold standard that all other security providers within the Caribbean will have to benchmark themselves against.

There is not one other private security firm within the region that has achieved three of those internationally acknowledged ISO and ANSI/ASIS certifications, let alone many of the other certifications and awards that our company has received over the years.

Once more, ASSL has reinforced its position as the premier regional provider of security and risk management solutions – as the partner of choice that clients go to when they are looking for a guaranteed and consistent delivery of high-quality services.”
  • ISO 18788:2015 (International) & ANSI/ASIS PSC 1:2012 (American) are internationally recognized quality standards that specify requirements and provide guidance for organizations conducting private security operations.

  • ISO 9001:2015 is an international standard for quality management that provides a framework for the effective and efficient management of any organization’s efforts to meet customers’ requirements and to enhance customer satisfaction.

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