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Founder/Chairman’s Reflections

Founder/Chairman’s Reflections

Founder/Chairman's Reflections

As the Executive Chairman and Founder of Amalgamated Security Services Limited (ASSL), overseeing the management of over 8,000 employees serving diverse customers throughout the Caribbean region and safeguarding billions in assets has been a formidable responsibility. Regardless of the circumstances, this responsibility is no easy feat.


Our industry confronts challenges related to education, economic status, and other intolerances. Despite these challenges, our achievements in addressing these issues have remained unparalleled over the years.


At times, it feels like a major accomplishment just to keep the lights on. However, credit for these achievements goes to our dedicated team of professionals – a diverse group with unwavering dedication and hard work, making it happen 24/7.


Our success is rooted in the belief that “you achieve according to what you believe.” Faith and purpose have been guiding principles throughout my 40 years at Amalgamated Security Services Limited. Our people remain the most valuable assets, selected, trained, and supervised to be the best in the field.


Providing security and safety while remaining affordable with top-notch quality service distinguishes us from the rest.
The security field offers a broad spectrum of services and products aimed at safeguarding individuals, organizations, and assets. Our motto of being affordable is viewed as a right, not a privilege.


Our offerings cover manned guarding services which include uniformed security officers, access control, and patrol services.


Our Electronic security solutions comprise CCTV surveillance systems, intrusion detection systems, and access control systems employing biometric technology.
Event security covers crowd control, VIP protection, and perimeter security.


Our Mobile patrols involve the deployment of security units and rapid response teams.
Alarm monitoring services ensure continuous surveillance and emergency response coordination. We also provide Security consulting encompasses risk assessment, security audits, and crisis management planning.


Our Executive protection services extend to personal security details and travel security.


Our Cybersecurity services address network security, data protection, and cyber threat intelligence as well as monitoring for ransomware attacks and other unauthorized intrusions into your network.
In terms of products, we offer surveillance cameras such as IP and analog cameras, access control devices including card readers and biometric scanners, and intrusion detection devices like motion sensors and glass break detectors.


Our communication systems involve two-way radios, intercoms, and emergency notification systems. Perimeter security products include electric fencing, barbed wire, and perimeter sensors. Additionally, security lighting, cybersecurity software, personal protective equipment (PPE), vehicle security solutions, emergency response equipment, fire safety equipment, and training and education programs contribute to creating comprehensive security solutions tailored to our diverse client needs.
With all of our security and safety offerings, we strive to, remain affordable without compromising top-notch quality service and products, and it is our belief, this is what distinguishes us from the rest. Please visit our web store


Feedback and support from customers and the public affirm that we have had a positive impact on lives and our client’s interests. Competing against international companies, our homegrown security company consistently outshines them, proudly celebrating our heritage and expertise.
Since our inception in 1983, we have managed our growth meticulously, from one (1) staff to thousands, from 1 vehicle to a fleet exceeding 400 vehicles of which some are special purpose Armored or transport specific, and from one office to many locations regionally cumulating in our regional expansion to over 7 countries. These accomplishments reflect the enduring faith and purpose embedded in our management and staff.


While we manage day-to-day administrative and operational tasks, our primary focus remains our quality assurance pledge to customers and the public. This involves prudent fiscal management, Training, and investment into our human capital with routine maintenance, and strategic capital investments, ensuring our position as the premier security and electronic service provider locally and regionally.
Our vision of expanding into Caricom states like Trinidad and Tobago, Barbados, Grenada, St. Lucia, Guyana, St Vincent, Antigua, and Jamaica is but the first phase as we set our eyesight into North and South America as well.


We are committed to building on the solid foundation we have established. Our staff, increasingly diverse, mirrors the communities we serve. The certification of all our senior management as Certified Protection Professionals (CPP) underscores our dedication to excellence, being the highest level of certification in the global security industry.


Our accreditation ISO 9001:2015, ANSI/ASIS PSC:1-2012 and ISO 18788:2015 is but another reflection of who we are and what we stand for as we aim to lead while our competition follows in all our endeavors.


Reflecting on our journey since 1983, we acknowledge the challenges faced and milestones achieved. Our success is not just measured in numbers but also in the positive impact we’ve had on individuals and communities. Looking ahead, we are energized by the challenges that come with growth and expansion. Together with our dynamic team, we look forward to achieving new heights and setting new benchmarks in the security and electronic service industry.


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