Amalgamated Security Services Limited (ASSL)

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Amalgamated Security Services Limited Sports and Cultural Club

The ASSL Sports and Cultural Club has been bustling with activity this March, with a myriad of events keeping members engaged and active. The ASSL Step Challenge concluded this month, drawing in around 100 participants from various divisions. Geselle Warren from the East Division emerged as the triumphant champion, followed closely by Kelly Turner from Tobago, and Makeba Lewis Daniel from the Compliance Command Centre, securing second and third place respectively. The competitive spirit was palpable throughout the challenge, showcasing the enthusiasm and dedication of the ASSL employees towards maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

Meanwhile, the ASSL football team is making waves in the EPA Football tournament, currently holding a commendable third position. With an upcoming match scheduled against Innovative Security Technologies Limited on Sunday, March 31st, anticipation runs high as the team aims to further solidify their standing. Beyond the football field, staff members participated in a hike to Mount St. Benedict led by Group Fitness trainer Abiodun McLeod. This excursion not only fostered camaraderie among participants but also promoted physical well-being. As the month progresses, The Sports and Cultural Club will continue to foster a sense of community and fitness, with regular Strength in Numbers Group Training sessions at Marvin Lee Stadium, open to all staff members free of charge, providing further avenues for members to stay active and engaged.

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