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Amalgamated Security Services Limited, Anthony Joseph Foundation Awards 47 Children of Employees with Grants

The Anthony Joseph Foundation was launched in 2016 by Amalgamated Security Services Limited (ASSL) Executive Chairman, Dr. Michael Aboud in memory of the late Cpl. Anthony Joseph who died in the line of duty on December 2015. Anthony Joseph served the company for over thirty (30) years with exemplary loyalty and dedication.

On an annual basis, the Anthony Joseph Foundation supports the children of Amalgamated Security employees as they begin their journey into secondary school.  ASSL granted $500.00 TTD to each of the forty-seven (47) parents/guardians of students who wrote the 2023 Secondary Entrance Assessment (SEA).

ASSL understands the importance of supporting our employees and their families through pioneering programmes.  For almost forty (40) years, ASSL has been and continues to be the premier security organization within the Caribbean region, serving our clientele with the highest ideals in the industry, uncompromising honesty, sound judgment, and absolute focus on customer satisfaction.  As we continue to make strides and deliver unrivaled quality ASSL is fully committed to developing the next generation through supportive programmes. 

It is with utmost pride that we recognize our forty-seven (47) recipients for 2023, their names are as follows:

  1.  Akelon Pompey
  2. Alissa Bishop
  3. Alyssa Collette
  4. Antonio Thomas
  5. Brent Purcell
  6. Brisnelle Freeman
  7. Dayna Edwards
  8. Deron Guerra
  9. Faith Waldron
  10. Gabriela La-Borde
  11. Isaiah James
  12. Isaiah Scanterbury
  13. Jaden Arrindell
  14. Jaden Cummings
  15. Jaeden Francis
  16. Jahkeem Gill
  17. Jenna Marie Benoit
  18. Jeremiah Mohammed
  19. Jeremih Anthony
  20. Joshia Sandy
  21. Kael Quashie
  22. Kaia Phillip
  23. Kariyma Semprie
  24. Karley Phillip
  25. Kaydon Howsand
  26. Kelsie King
  27. Kerdell Noel
  28. Kerseanah Matthews
  29. Khaleem Charles
  30. Kiele Baptiste
  31. Kymora Dabreo
  32. Malachi De Gazon
  33. Mattheus Bhola
  34. Nathaniel Graham
  35. Nikita Bisnath
  36. Omari Julien
  37. Omari Romany
  38. Omarie Duke
  39. Rikkesha Payne
  40. Rueann Popwell
  41. Shanice Mitchell
  42. Shelvin Smart
  43. Syri Dean
  44. Tevin Hills
  45. Verkeel Flemming
  46. Yuri Thomas
  47. Zion Vialva

 We are proud to give back to our employees and by extension our communities by rewarding our children’s positive accomplishments. 

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