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Amalgamated Security serves Employees through the Anthony Joseph Foundation

The Anthony Joseph Foundation was launched in 2016 by Amalgamated Security Services Limited in memory of the late Cpl. Anthony Joseph who died in December 2015 in the line of duty. Anthony Joseph served the company for over 30 years with exemplary loyalty and dedication.

On an annual basis the Anthony Joseph Foundation will support Amalgamated Security officers and their families in special areas of need. This year the Foundation honours their friend and colleague by supporting the children of ASSL as they begin their journey into secondary school. The grant of $500.00 each are meant to support the children’s guardians.

Amalgamated Security Services Limited understands the importance of supporting our employees and their families through innovative programmes. For over 30 years, ASSL has been the premier security organization within the Caribbean serving our clientele with the highest ideals in the industry, uncompromising honesty, wisdom and sound judgment. As we continue to make strides in the field and deliver unrivalled quality ASSL is fully committed to developing the next generation through philanthropic programmes.

Over the years ASSL has invested in its employees’ welfare through various initiatives. The establishment of the Big Brother Mentorship Programme, Citations Programme, Tele-Care Services and the Employee Assistance Programme to name a few were developed to cater to the needs of our dynamic workforce. As proof of our ongoing commitment ASSL launched the Anthony Joseph Foundation in 2016 in memory of a fallen hero Cpl Anthony Joseph; a long standing, dedicated and committed officer.

In 2016 and 2017 the Anthony Joseph Foundation is dedicated to support the sons and daughters of ASSL as they journey into Secondary School; distributing grants annually to successful students from the Secondary Entrance Assessment.

We are proud to give back to our employees and by extension our communities in an effort to promote our children’s positive achievements.

Published Articles/Videos:

Amalgamated Recreational Sport and Cultural Club Sports & Family Day 2017

The Amalgamated Recreational Sport and Cultural Club of Amalgamated Security Services Ltd. hosted its Sports and Family Day on Sunday the 6th August 2017. It was a fun fill day packed with loads of excitement. The theme this year was “A Trip Down Memory Lane” with traditional games such as sack race, red light green light, father and son race, bunny hop, balloon race, musical chairs, hoop wiggle, 100 meter race, box cart race and brown girl in the ring.

This year the sports day committee opted to try something new, instead of a March Past divisional teams presented “Cultural Icons” such as the Village Macco, Daisy Voisin, Labour Day Riots and Blues Devils. The results are as follows:
Overall Champions
1st Place - Admin Team
2nd Place – East Central
3rd Place – SOD & South East

Presentation of Icons
1st place - East Central Division – Village Macco
2nd place - Admin Team – Daisy Voisin
3rd place - South West – Labour Day Butler Riots

Box Cart Competition
1st place - Admin Team
2nd Place - South Central
3rd Place - South East

Rhythm Section - South West Division

All and all it was a well spent day with loyal and dedicated colleagues, supportive family and friends all existing in a relaxing atmosphere.

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