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Sixth Form Government School
2017-01-11, 15:54
Date: 11th January, 2017


TELEPHONE NUMBER (868) 622-2186


I write to certify that Polytechnic Sixth Form Government School has been provided with security services during the day time by Amalgamated Security Services Limited (ASSL) for the past two years. This arrangement was facilitated by the Ministry of Education.

ASSL has consistently provided us with reliable service, they offer a 24 hour customer service contact which makes it possible to contact their senior officers outside of normal working hours. They are prompt to respond and work assiduously to resolve any contingencies or emergencies that may arise within the shortest possible time.

The services provided have been effective in addressing our security needs. The level of performance from the Company and its assigned officers has been satisfactory and as a result, we state without hesitation that we recommend their service to any other educational institution for the provision of security services.

Sanjeeve Persad
Principal (Secondary)
Trinidad and Tobago Police Service
2013-02-15, 12:57
This letter serves to endorse the vehicle tracking solutions sold by Amalgamated Security Services Limited. The Trinidad and Tobago Police Service has selected ASSL as its preferred choice for the management of our fleet using their AVL Solution. The implementation of this solution is in progress with tracking devices having been installed in selected police vehicles and the software already in use. We have found the Maps to be up to date and their support mechanism are second to none.

We found that the Amalgamated support staff has been very accommodating and helpful in explaining the use of the software and identifying how the Police Service can use the software to achieve its aims. The Amalgamated installation staff has been willing to work at varying times to accommodate the schedule and availability of the Police vehicles.

I have no reservation in recommending the vehicle tracking solutions as it has truly added tremendous value to our operation.
Association of Caribbean Heads of Corrections and Prison Services
2013-02-15, 12:44
The President of the Association of Caribbean Heads of Corrections and Prison Services (ACHCPS), Mr. John Rougier, will like to extend his appreciation and heartfelt thanks to you for your generous contribution towards the ACHCPS Training Symposium and Business Meeting, themed "From Retribution to Correction: Unlocking Excellence," during the period June 21st - June 27th, 2009. This special initiative provided Correction Heads with a forum to formulate regional policy to address issues affecting corrections as well as to assist the transition as captured in the selected theme.

In keeping with your commitment made to the association we were able to achieve our set goals and objectives to improving social partnerships, increasing awareness of correctional excellence within the Caricom Region. As a result delegates are now exposed to the high-quality professional exchange of knowledge thus fostering capacity building of the Caribbean Correctional Institutions.

Your involvement was indeed instrumental in securing a valuable and mutual business relationships with both the President of the ACHCPS and its regional delegates. Again thank you and I look forward to your continued support and partnership.
Republic Bank Limited
2017-06-29, 15:49
June 29, 2017

To whom it may concern

Recommendation for ASSL

Dear Sir/Madam,

This letter serves to confirm that Amalgamated Security Services Limited (ASSL) has been a provider of security services for Republic Bank Limited for the past six years. I am satisfied with the quality of their service.

ASSL provides guarding services, electronic security services and Cash Solutions such as inter­branch Cash in Transit and ATM Replenishments. I am happy to recommend ASSL. If you require further clarification please feel free to contact the undersigned.


Sherwin Forte
Assistant Manager
Corporate Security Republic Bank Limited
First Citizens Bank Limited
2016-03-17, 16:00
17th March, 2016.


Dear Sir/Madam,

It is a distinct pleasure to recommend my valued business associate, Amalgamated
Security Services Limited (ASSL) as a company with which to do business.

The organizat ion has provided the First Citizens Bank Limited with a wide range of unprecedented service for the past fifteen (15) years. These services include but are not limited to Guard Service, Cash-In-Transit, and Consultancy. They are very customer service oriented and have been able to meet our demands within a timely manner. In addition, they continue to improve on the level of service they offer through technological and other advances.

In my capacity as Manager, Security Services Unit (Actg.), I have worked closely with ASSL for approximately eleven (11) years and I have known the Chairman for the past fifteen (15) years. Knowing him for so long, I am quite comfortable in vouching for him as a great individual and good business man.

Based on my experience, any company should be very pleased to do business with ASSL.


Fiona Perkins
Manager- Security Services Unit (Actg.)
National Insurance Property Development Company Limited
2013-02-15, 11:22
We hereby recommend Amalgamated Security Services Limited who has provided various services to NIPDEC for over fifteen (15) years. During our business relationship with Amalgamated they have:

1. Succesfully provided prisoner transport services for the past fifteen (15) years.
2.Provided reports on a timely basis.
3. Provided efficient and reliable services, under difficult conditions at times.
4. Provided services outside of the scope of the contract when required.

Amalgamated Security Services Limited has always met their contractual obligations under their contracts with NIPDEC.
2013-02-15, 10:42
I write to you today on behalf of the Directors of the Barbados Invitational Tennis Exhibition (B.I.T.E) to thank you for helping create a sucessful event - "Tennis pun de Rock" 2009.

As a reference, your services were a critical component to the smooth and incident free completion of our event, also hosting two of the world's top tennis players - Serena Williams and Caroline Wozniacki. The services provided by Amalgamated for which I refer are as follows:

Personal Protection of the featured players - from arrival to departure. - Serena Williams and group and Caroline Wozniacki and Family.

Coordination or overall security for the entire event - Leasing with our Security Consultant, Leasing with the Royal Barbados Police Force and Leasing with the Barbados Defense Force.

"Tennis pun d Rock" 2010 is shaping up to be quite the event, and on behalf of all the Directors, it would be a pleasure to work Amalgamated and yourself again!
The National Insurance Board of Trinidad and Tobago
2013-02-13, 16:10
This communication serves to confirm that the firm Amalgamated Security Services Limited has been a security service contractor for the National Insurance Board with effect from 1999 to present.

1. NIBTT Service Centres - (14) locations island wide.
2. NIBTT Administrative Centres - (2) locations.
3. Manpower requirements are met as contracted.
Re: Firearm officer
Baton officer
4. Cash in taransit service for all locations.
5. Special event security services.
6. Special operations services.

The security service provided by this firm is most outstanding and security personnel continue to be professional in the discharge of their duties.

In the circumstances I have no hesitation in recommending the firm Amalgamated Security Services Limited for the provision of security services and cash in transit services.
First Citizens Bank
2013-02-13, 09:29
On January 01st 2004, a business relationship commenced between Amalgamated Security Services Limited (ASSL) and the First Citizens Group. At that juncture, the First Citizens Group faced the real possibility of having a bank without guards to secure it as at January 01st 2004. This stemmed from the then provider advising, on December 01st 2003 that he would no longer be supplying officers from the start of the New Year. As you would imagine, thus began the frantic search to obtain a suitable provider in the limited time frame. However, after completing the tendering process it became apparent that only one firm had the ability to satisfy our requirements, i.e. Amalgamated Security Services Limited, a decision that I have never regretted to this day.

From that date to now, our relationship with ASSL has grown to the point where they now deliver a broad range of services that includes Cash in Transit (CIT), GPS tracking services for vehicles, Executive Protection Services and electronic security solutions. The latter area is the most recent of their product offerings and we have utilized them on several projects, the most recent of which has been the CCTV and Intruder Alarm systems at the One Woodbrook Place Branch. An installation that we are completely satisfied with.

From the day the relationship commenced, it was not difficult to note that the company was a highly professional one that distinguished itself from its competition by continually attempting to develop the best systems and people. From my observation and interaction with the company, their most enduring quality is that they are focused on completely satisfying the customer. When an issue arises, the Management Team ensures that the challenge is addressed at the earliest opportunity and consistently monitors to ensure that it does not recur. The company is committed to working efficiently with the client, and this often times prevents it from mushrooming into a problem of a larger scale.

In view of the above I have no hesitation in recommending ASSL to you.
Republic Bank Trinidad and Tobago
2013-02-07, 15:07
Amalgamated Security Services Ltd (ASSL) has been one of our security service providers since 2009. Since commencement they have provided our business with excellent support in the areas of manned services, monitoring and response, technology and event security.

We can confidently recommend Amalgamated Security Services Ltd as a reliable security provider and experts in their field.
BHP Billiton
2013-02-13, 13:23
This correspondence serves to inform you that Amalgamated Security Services Limited has provided security services to BHP Billiton (Trinidad -2C) Limited of Invaders Bay Tower, Invaders Bay off Audrey Jeffers Highway Port of Spain from August 2004 to date.

The scope of the service is a s follows: high risks escorts and executive body guard services, monitoring and response, static guard duties, mobile patrols, the provision and monitoring of vehicle locator units and ambulance services.

The quality of service and their management responses to issues that arose over the period stated was excellent.

Over the period the company, Amalgamated Security Services Limited has been awarded special recognition for its contribution to No lost time and incident free operations at the onshore terminal at Guayaguayare, Trinidad and within the general operations of BHP Billiton.

In addition to this Amalgamated Security Services Limited possesses both the Technical and Commercial competencies that are necessary to effectively provide the security services that you may require.

As a consequence of the foregoing I wish to recommend Amalgamated Security Services Limited in this regard.
Phoenix Park Gas Processos Limited
2013-02-08, 16:28
This is to confirm that Amalgamated Security Services Limited has been our security services provider since September 2005. Their service consists of baton and canine security, and when necessary, armed executive escort protection.
Point Lisas Industrial Port Development Corporation Limited
2013-02-08, 16:19
Please be advised that Amalgamated Security Services Limited (Amalgamated Security) has provided contract security for PLIPDECO for the last year.During this period, we have found the level of service, responsiveness and professionalism to be exemplary.

We have no hesitation in recommending Amalgamated Security as a preferred security provider for security services.
Allied Caterers Limited
2017-07-19, 15:43
19th July 2017

To Whom It May Concern

Dear Sirs,

RE: Amalgamated Security Services Limited

This is to confirm that Amalgamated Security Services Limited (ASSL) has been providing security services to Allied Caterers Limited I Katerserv Limited for more than fifteen (15) years. During this time the Company has been and continues to be satisfied with the quality, reliability and consistency of service afforded to us.

Amalgamated Security Services Limited has demonstrated a keen understanding of our environment and its security needs, as well as a high level of professionalism and customer service. They have always handled our requests for services in a timely and efficient manner, even when these came at short notice.

In light of the above, we have no hesitation in recominending Amalgamated Security Services
Limited to your organization as your security provider.

Please do not hesitate to contact me directly at 868.279.0840 should you require any further information.

Yours respectfully,
Allied Caterers Limited I Katerserv Limited

Ricardo G. Moreno
Manager, Health, Safety, Security & Environment
Prestige Holdings Limited
2015-11-02, 16:03
November 2nd 2015

To Whom It May Concern

This is to confirm that Amalgamated Security Services Limited has been providing Cash in Transit and Cash Management Services to our Company for well over ten (10) years. This service involves the collection of cash sales from our chain of restaurants- in excess of 50 units, as well as the balancing and depositing of the said funds on a daily basis.

During this period, we have never experienced a loss and the service has been excellent. Accordingly, we have no hesitation in recommending Amalgamated Security Services Limited for the provision of Cash in Transit and Cash Management Services.

Yours sincerely

Marlon Danglade
Chief Financial Officer
Prestige Holdings Ltd
2011-03-16, 13:07
We are pleased to advise that Amalgamated Security Services Limited has been providing various security services to all our branches throughout Trinidad and Tobago for over eleven (11)years.
These services include:
Armed Guard Services
Baton Services
Response Services
Cash and Document Courier Services
Electronic Monitoring and Response Services

They have proven to be extremely reliable and competent over the years.
North Central Regional Health Authoruty
2016-03-11, 15:58
March 11th, 2016


Dear Sir/Madam


This is to certify that AMALGAMATED SECURITY SERVICES LIMITED has been providing Security Services to the North Central Regional Health Authority for the past twelve (12) years and I wish to inform you that I am very satisfied with their services thus far.

Amalgamated Security Services Limited provides Baton and Firearm Officers. The services provided have always been very professional and courteous. The Officers are very polite and well-mannered and always respond to our requests and needs in a timely and efficient manner.

In light of the above, as Manager Security Services at the North Central Regional Health Authority I have no hesitation in recommending AMALGAMATED SECURITY SERVICES LIMITED as a reputable, reliable security services provider.
Should you have any queries, please contact the undersigned at 474-6245 or 645-6519.


Adesh Deonarine
Manager, Security Services
The North West Regional Health Authority
2013-02-13, 16:23
Amalgamated Security Services Limited has been providing security services for various institutions of the North West Regional Health Authority for over ten (10) years. Their service has always been very good, carried out in a professional and efficient manner. I can safely recommend them.
National Insurance Board of Trinidad & Tobago
2017-08-09, 15:48
09 August, 2017

WASA Tender
Water and Sewerage Authority
Farm Road,

AUG 09 2017


Dear Sir/Madam,

Re:- Tender for the provision of Security Services

Amalgamated Security Services Limited, has provided both Security and Cash In Transit
Services for the National Insurance Board of Trinidad and Tobago for over ten (10) years.

It is therefore with no hesitation that the NIBTT recommends Amalgamated Security Services
Limited to your organization, based on the services provided over this period.

Ms.Theresa C. Taitt
Manager Property and Support Services
National Insurance Board Trinidad & Tobago
Caribbean Meteorological Organization
2017-01-23, 15:53
23 January 2017

To whom it may concern

Amalgamated Security Services Ltd (ASSL) has been providing security guard services at the headquarters of the Caribbean Meteorological Organization for several years.

During that time there has been noticeable improvement in the quality of the service provided. More recently, the officers stationed at our premises have been both regular and punctual in attendance and professional in their attire. Generally, these officers have demonstrated a high level of courtesy towards both staff and visitors, whilst executing their duties in a very professional manner.

ASSL's customer service and quality assurance teams are quite efficient and all issues raised are usually addressed speedily as they strive for continuous improvement.

Yours faithfully,

Natalie Araujo-O'Brien
Finance & Administrative Officer
Telecommunications Services of Trinidad and Tobago Limited
2016-03-17, 16:06
March 17, 2016


Re: Recommendation for Amalgamated Security Services Limited (ASSL)

I write to recommend Amalgamated Security Services Limited as a full service security provider of choice. At TSTT, we have benefited from their dedicated and loyal service for two decades now, and the last eight (8) years was being under my direct control as Senior Manager - Security and Operational Risk.

Over the years, Amalgamated Security Services has provided a host of services, including Armed, Unarmed, Canine Static Guard Services, Armed High Risk Escort Services, and for blink Vigilance they have offered Rapid Response Services. Most recently, the Cash in Transit Services joined the list of services offered.

TSTT is very discerning in its choice of a security provider, as telecommunications is of critical importance to the national fabric. Amalgamated Security Services Limited sets itself apart from other companies well beyond their competitive rate structure. Their entire value proposition is pivoted on their service excellence, manifested in the following:
- They are a security partner, not just a provider
- Their exceptional customer service and vendor support infrastructure
- The technical competence of their team members working for you
- The training and appearance of their officers who view them as an employer of choice
- The reliability and availability of their extensive and appropriate fleet
- The variety of their services being provided and the level at which they operate.

For all of this, I am pleased to recommend Amalgamated Security Services Limited to you as a security partner to your business and know that you will have as beneficial an experience as wee have with them. I will be pleased to discuss further or offer any clarification if required. Please do not hesitate to contact me directly via email at or via mobile on 680-0259.

Yours respectfully,
Telecommunications Services of Trinidad and Tobago Limited

Brent Olton
Senior Manager - Security & Operational Risk
Strategic Alliance, Enterprise & Tobago Operations
Trinidad and Tobago Postal Corporation
2013-02-15, 15:46
To facilitate a better management of the Transport and Courier fleets, the Trinidad and Tobago Postal Corporation (TTPost) by letter of invitation dated 2008 April 09 invited sealed bids from eligible bidders for the supply, delivery, commissioning and maintenance of one hundred (100) Global positioning system (GPS) Tracking units.

The purchase of the equipment was facilitated under the TTPOST Development Programme Estimates 2007/2008 Section 6. Capital Investment Plan for the Courier/Transport Upgrade.

Technical Specifications:

The technical specifications for the GPS Tarcking Units had among its general features:

Real Time, online and browser based.

Compatibility with modems, general packet radio service (GPRS) cellular wireless networks and short message services (SMS).

Maps of the required geographic locations integrated with the software and customised to meet TTPost's needs.

Capacity to do vehicle monitoring start/stop, speed, location, engine on /off, door open/close.

Use of emergency Aid in the event of breakdown, robberies and other unforeseen circumstances with a feature to send two-way text messages from vehicles to computer and vice -versa.

Remote vehicle shutdown lock.

Capacity to record and store data and provide real time instant replay of all vehicle activities.

Real Time live updates.

The GPS tracking units were programmed to provide the reports which included a fleet summary with the name of the vehicle, the start and stop time, the mileage covered, speed (kilometres/miles per hour) reports on all aspects of the vehicles activity with an overview of the usage of all vehicles in the fleet, and reports on any tampering with the automatic vehicle locator (AVL).


The procurement process used for the invitation to bids was through advertisement nationally and internationally. Twelve (12) firms purchased bid documents. The bidders sought clarification on various requirements and the tender document remained open until 2008 May 06 by which time five (5) bids were submitted. The bid was eventually won by Amalgamated Security Services Limited.

Installation and Commissioning:

TTPost purchased one hundred (100) AVL units from Amalgamated Security Services Limited, forty eight (48) of which were installed and commissioned on our fleet over the period December 2008 to January 2009.


Amalgamated Security Services Limited apart from the physical installation, provided extensive training to our staff on the use and benefits of the GPS Tracking system tracking units, and continues to provide technical support to TTPost.

Since its installation and commissioning the system has been functioning efficiently and effectively and has served as a major analytical tool, providing valuable and timely information to aid management decisions. Of lateral importance is the fact that it also provides comfort and safety to our operational staff while ensuring vehicle accountability.
Government of Antigua and Barbuda
2013-02-15, 11:29
This is to advise that Amalgamated Security Services Limited has been retained by the Government of Antigua and Barbuda since December of 1997, to manage the prison.

Part of their management, emergency response units and law enforcement form an integral part of the system.
Trinidad and Tobago Police Service
2013-02-15, 11:10
This is to advise that Amalgamated Security Services Limited has been poviding Prison Transport services to the Ministry of National Security for over ten (10) years.

During this time they have always exhibited a high degree of professionalism and efficiency in their delivery on behalf of the Police Service.

Over the last ten (10) years in excess of 600,000 prisoners were transported without a single escape.
Prisons Service of Trinidad and Tobago
2013-02-15, 10:53
I make reference to the prisoner transportation service provided by the Amalgamated Security Services Prisoner Transport Division during 2009 and state as follows:-

In the opinion of this, the Prison Division, the quality of service provided can only be described as excellent in terms of its quality and efficiency.

Indeed the cordiality that governed this relationship continued during 2009 with the spirit of understanding and acceptance reflective of the competence and maturity that have become so characteristics of organizations entrusted with such responsibilities.

As such, if given the opportunity, I will have no hesitation in recommending the Amalgamated Prisoner Transport Division as the continued provider of such an important service.
Office of the Prime Minister
2013-02-15, 10:05
On behalf of the National Secretariat for the Fifth Summit of the Americas, it is my pleasant duty to write this letter of recommendation on behalf of Amalgamated Security Limited, which provided security services in the weeks leading up to and during the Summit.

The security detail were at all times professional - firm, but courteous. Prior to their arrival, I lost a great deal of sleep worrying about the lack of security in Tower C of the International Financial Centre. Once the Amalgamated Security team entered and took their position however, led by Mr. Gary Pierre, Mr. Frank Julien and Ms. Cherry-Ann Preudhomme, anxiety evaporated and was replaced by quiet confidence.

Many nights, even after midnight the team was vigilant and hard at work.

Especially challenging was the processing of 1500 media personnel and their equipment through the security scanners; a duty which the Amalgamated team discharged flawlessly.

Despite the excellent job done by the team, there is always room for improvement. We look forward to their continued support for the Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting in November and to meeting with your team sooner rather than later to share ideas on ways to make the security process even more efficient for CHOGM.
Telecommunications Services of Trinidad and Tobago
2013-02-13, 16:20
This is to advise that Amalgamated Security Services Limited has been providing the Telecommunications Services of Trinidad and Tobago with security services, which they have successfully secured for several years.

These services include Baton Guard services, Armed Guard services and Special Security services.

Over the years their performance has been of the highest quality.
West Indian Tobacco
2018-01-29, 15:51
June 27th 2017

Amalgamated Security Services, Ltd.
Comer Churchill Roosevelt Highway and Macoya Road
Trinidad and Tobago


Amalgamated Security Services, Ltd.:

Protective security services provided by your organization have been received with a standard that meets or exceeds requirements. While your organization provides those security services that are within normal business arrangements, you have also proven quite capable of providing services with little to no notice, and that are often on a demands basis. Quality guarding; exceptional customer service; and the ability to meet expectations categorically sets your organization above others within the national industry.

Therefore, it comes with great easement to make and consider any professional recommendation for your organization based on your commitment to quality and endeavoring professional spirit.


Ernest Soto
Security Manager
Telephone 868-662- 2271 ext.2308
Mobile. 868-333-02:!8 868-339-2591
National Flour Mills
2013-02-14, 09:42
This is to certify that Amalgamated Security Services Limited has conducted investigative services for National Flour Mills Limited in 2009.

The investigative services rendered by Amalgamated Security Services Limited were deemed as being of high quality with exceptional results.

Hence, I recommend Amalgamated Security Services Limited for investigative services and believe their skills and professionalism in conducting analytical duties is an asset which may be gainfully applied to your organization.
West Indian Tobacco
2013-02-13, 16:00
We are pleased to recommend Amalgamated Security Services Limited (ASSL) who has provided our company with security services for the last five (5) years.

As a subsidiary of the British American Tobacco Group, there are specific requirements for the selection and retention of a service provider. ASSL had been selected based on their extensive experience and proven track record of reliable service throughout Trinidad & Tobago. and even the wider Caribbean for over twenty five (25) years now.

More specifically, we have been the beneficiaries of their capability to provide extremely sensitive and risky services in the form of:

Escort of high value product
Executive Protection for our overseas based company representatives.

We recommend ASSL to your organization. Should you require any further information please do not hesitate to contact the undersigned.
Unicomer (Trinidad) Limited
2014-11-20, 16:02
20th November, 2014

FROM: Atiba Babatunde- Asst. Loss Prevention Manager



Amalgamated Security Services Limited has been the major security provider of the Unicomer Group of Companies in Trinidad and Tobago (Courts and Lucky Dollar Stores) for the past ten years and has given excellent service in accordance to our business needs.

ASSL continues to provide services to Unicomer in the following areas:

Static Security:in the retail industry, we have been plagued in the past with the regularity of shoplifting and other petty theft from our showroom floor and warehouse. Amalgamated has partnered with us in ensuring that the level of theft has been reducing in an attempt to bring it to an acceptable level. By assigning unarmed Officers to our store locations, this has been an ongoing exercise.

Cash In Transit: At all retail Locations are serviced by the Cash In Transit (CIT) unit. which has prided itself with prompt and efficient service if not in an overtly friendly manner, in service trucks and equipment that does not leave much room for compromise.

Canine Services: At our Warehouse facility this has been a formidable measure for any intrusion attempt against us. It is manned by well trained dogs and handlers and is a great comfort for patrolling officers in the execution of their duties.

Monitoring Services and Armed Response:Monitoring services are based on a centralised department, which will contact you in cases of an Emergency, Business opening and closing, Panic alarm, Burglary Alarms, and if requested as a package,

armed personnel will respond to the situation before contact is made to ensure your safety on arrival. And the after installation maintenance service is of a highly professionalquality.

Armed Escorts: Provides armed escort to our High value container from any Port location in Trinidad to our Warehouse Facility safe and secure in any weather condition.

Please feel free to contact me for any details that require clarification at the number listed below:


67217577 ext. 2047
Cell: 773/0218
Maraj & Sons
2013-02-14, 09:28
Amalgamated Security Services Limited (ASSL) has been the Security Services Provider to Maraj and Sons Limited for the past Twenty years. These services include Manpower, Personal Protection, Cash in Transit and Electronic Security. In the case of Electronic Security, ASSL was able to provide a state of the art Wireless CCTV and Alarm Systems Solution for several of our locations.

In all of the above services, ASSL has displayed a high level of competence and professionalism in their delivery and after sales support.

We therefore have no hesitation in recommending Amalgamated Security Services Limited to your company a s a proficient service provider for Electronic security services.
Trinidad & Tobago Police Service
2010-02-11, 13:03
This serves to advise that Amalgamated Security Services Limited - electronics Division has supplied and installed a network of CCTV systems in several Police Stations throughout the country between 2008 and 2009.

The system has performed according to expectations and their support in after sale service has been excellent.
Commissioner of Police
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