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Amalgamated Security Services Limited is offering you a product that aims to support investment managers and insurers with independent research and advice on all aspects of corporate risk and compliance to inform business decision making. With our strong customer relationships and deep technology expertise, we are uniquely able to streamline your third-party risk management and make data-driven and risk-based decisions with our solution designed to give detailed insights about your business relationships including customers, suppliers, and investment opportunities

Our due diligence leverages the Dun & Bradstreet Data platforms and offers the world's most comprehensive business data and analytical insights to power today's most crucial business needs.

  • We offer Global coverage with local knowledge from trusted information sources
  • Our global network comprises trusted professionals that are able to offer on-the-ground intelligence that takes into account the myriad implications of differing local environments and customs. This ensures that we can provide complete, consistent, high-quality services, and insights.

Service Offerings

Audit and monitoring (Quarterly or Bi annual)

  • Compliance monitoring (judicial cases, operational qualifications, public opinions, adverse records)
  • Risk and crime monitoring
  • Reputation monitoring (Most of the employees are not able to express their dissatisfaction with the company directly so they use social media platforms to post negative comments about the company.
  • Social media negative activity monitoring (know the impression your company is creating to take the necessary corrective actions)

Background Screening

Leveraging a database with information on over 400 million companies, we identify relevant relationships to/from companies and collect data on all involved parties. We provide an overview of company structures, identify the ultimate beneficial owner and visualize this information to identify risk-related objects.

  • Business screening (corporate malpractices, commercial frauds, corporate scam schemes)
  • Criminal intelligence check (Going beyond the conventional criminal search with a complete social & civil legitimacy check using innovative & high-tech tools as well as greatly trusted sources)
  • Global criminality check

Due Diligence

Our due diligence reports are mainly in compliance review, where the qualifications, operating status, government relations and adverse records of an enterprise together with the background of its shareholders and senior management are comprehensively reviewed.

We can help you protect your organization from reputational, money-laundering and financial crime risks.

  • Company validation
  • Global compliance check
  • Credential and document verification
  • Executive screening (for key personnel)
  • Litigations
  • Corporate connections (corporate family tree)
  • Financial stability
  • Credit overview report
  • Negative media reports


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