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The Anthony Joseph Foundation was launched in 2016 by Amalgamated Security Services Limited in memory of the late Cpl. Anthony Joseph who died in December 2015 in the line of duty. Anthony Joseph served the company for over 30 years with exemplary loyalty and dedication.

Amalgamated Security Services Limited understands the importance of supporting our employees and their families through innovative programmes. For over 30 years, ASSL has been the premier security organization within the Caribbean serving our clientele with the highest ideals in the industry, uncompromising honesty, wisdom and sound judgment. As we continue to make strides in the field and deliver unrivalled quality ASSL is fully committed to developing the next generation through philanthropic programmes.

Over the years ASSL has invested in its employees’ welfare through various initiatives. The establishment of the Big Brother Mentorship Programme, Citations Programme, TeleCare Services and the Employee Assistance Programme to name a few were developed to cater to the needs of our dynamic workforce. As proof of our ongoing commitment ASSL launched the Anthony Joseph Foundation in 2016 in memory of a fallen hero Cpl Anthony Joseph; a long standing, dedicated and committed officer.

From 2016 to present the Anthony Joseph Foundation has been dedicated to supporting the sons and daughters of ASSL as they journey into Secondary School by annually distributing grants to successful students of the Secondary Entrance Assessment for that year.

We are proud to give back to our employees and by extension our communities in an effort to promote our children’s positive achievements.


Emp. #

Employee Name

Dependent Name



 13718  Sherry-Ann Abraham  Adrianna Mitchell  East/Central


 11978  Knaldi Alleyne  Denia Guerra  North/East


 8749  Carla Bacchus  Alira Douglas  North


 9168  Nikisha Bailey  Shenese Fleming-Bailey  South/East


 14138  Keon Baptiste  Kehannah Baptiste  South Central


 3504  Kim Celestine-Anthony  Josiah Anthony  North/West
7  13640  Patricia Chadee  Tineika Jaffar  East/Central
8  6523  Kendell Charles  Khadijah Charles  CIU
9  14144  Heather Charles-Williams  Khadijah Williams  North/East
10  4229  Deborah Collymore  Joseiah Francois  South
11  34  Curtis Cummings  Keon Cummings  Management
12  4871  Darcelle Daniel  Rochan Rampersad  North/West
13  12352  Avian Daniel  Saphia Gittens  South Central
14  12066  Aviane Eastman  Shaquille Eastman  North
15  15136  Nigel Gasill  Kaitlan Gaskill  East/Central
16  3230  Russell Greene  Ariana Bascombe  South
17  16039  Lynakar Jackson  Haile Cox  South Central
18  9275  Crystal James  Demetri James Lewis  Human Resource
19  14902  Annette Joefield  Verlisha Flemming  South Central
20  13862  Mekadae John  Maleakae John  North
21  10623  Ryan Joseph  Anisa Joseph  Ambulance
22  13726  Patricia Joseph  Justin Strachan  East/Central
23  2724  Lisa Joseph  Nia Marie Joseph  Finance
24  6696  Michelle Mc Donald  Jalon Wilson  South
25  4196  Merlene Mohammed-Cummings  Anthony Roberts  South
26  8342  Sheldon Nakhid  Shay Nakhid  CIU
27  11864  Andrea Peters-Chandler  Adaylia-Marie Beddoe  Human Resource
28  5118  Rainer Remy  Josiah Lewis  South
29 11575 Afesha Scepture O'Neil Hepburn South/East
30 4652 Ricardo T.Ali Ishmael Ali CSO Office
31 11727 Nigel Thompson Kieraah Thompson South/West
32 8126 Kizie-Ann Trotman Dexter Trotman South Central
33 5621 Samantha Williams Celeste Castanda East
34 14228 Natasha Williams Kemet Bacchus North
35 12556 Kecia Williams-Harewood Arion Leacock Tobago
36 6383 Alicia Young Alisha Young East


Our Chairman's Speech at Function

Good Morning to our special invited guests, our officers’ children who have been successful in their 2018 SEA Exams. Hard work must never go unnoticed so congratulations children for a job well done. A round of applause please !!!!

With your deserving achievement supported by the hard and dedicated work of your parent, an officer of Amalgamated security you have each qualified for the Anthony Joseph Foundation SEA monetary Grant.

Before I get into what this is all about, also allow me the opportunity to also say welcome to our executive and management staff of ASSL, Ms. Diana Guelmo, Public Relations Officer of the Chinapoo Youth Club, the organizers and the parents and guardians of these amazing children.
Like many journeys that you will undertake in your life, this is but one of them, a milestone which you should be proud of, and I am sure that you have made everyone in your life proud……. just as I feel as my son too, has passed his SEA this year.
Let’s give them another round of applause!!!!!! Thank you

Undoubtedly, this success could only have come about through hard work on your part and sacrifices made by your parents. Please continue the good work…. And keep us proud. A small piece of advice that I can give you would be……. Nothing can replace a good education and it will be the foundation to your future successes and dream carriers. Good luck in the future and always listen to your parents, believe me, they know best.

The Anthony Joseph Foundation was established in commemoration of a unique individual an officer who was dedicated to his company, his boss and clients and he never shied away from any task given to him , and most importantly had committed his lifelong carrier to ASSL and lost his life in a courageous act of bravery while fulfilling his duties. He was sadly taken from us too quickly but I have to accept that it was for a reason beyond my comprehension. I created this foundation so that his legacy will remain with us for eternity and that, we will never allow the passage of time to forget this fallen hero, as well as the others who have gone before us……. I pray for their souls and passage to heaven. The present theme for the foundation is following one of supporting the drive towards Education and in the future we will see a transformation to other equally important initiatives.

So in closing let me say congratulations once again, thank you all for coming, be safe……….Kids, open your minds and sponge up all of that knowledge awaiting you.

Officers of Amalgamated thank you for your devotion, loyalty and hard work God bless you all.

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