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Jan-Dec 2016


At the recently-concluded FLOW Rugby Barbados World 7s which was held in Barbados on the 8th to the 12th December 2016 the organizers of the event were able to attract fifteen (15) rugby teams, some of these teams hailed from within the Caribbean region and some from outside the region. The year 2016 saw most participating teams ever in the history of Caribbean 7s tournaments.

With regards to the competitive aspect of the games on the men’s side of the competition, in a riveting battle on pitch, one that left spectators on the edge of their seats, Xhosa Southern Select of Trinidad and Tobago whose sponsor was Amalgamated Security Services walked away with the second prize winning the overall silver medal of the competition in addition to other special prizes.

Many express their satisfaction with the standard of rugby played this year, which was extremely high. Organizers and sponsors of the event were exceptionally pleased and believe that they have made positive in roads that can only be beneficial to everyone involved inclusive of the players, organizers and sponsors. Plans are already under way to increase the number of competing teams substantially next year.  





Amalgamated Security Services Limited extends congratulations to its valued employees who were successful at the ASIS International 2016 Examinations, which was held in November. Congrats to:

  • Navindra Balgobin - CPP
  • Donelle Primus - PCI
  • Kenneth Mathison - PCI
  • Kenneth Willett - PCI
  • Leon Chandler - PCI
  • Andrea Peters-Chandler - PCI
  • Brian Primus - PCI
  • Lizan Jack-Goolie - PCI
  • Albert Cummings - PSP
  • John Wickham - PSP
  • Tristan Jones - PSP
  • Lyndon Bruno - PSP
  • Damain Ragoonanan - PSP
  • Leroy Andrews - PSP
  • Brent Worrell - PSP



Amalgamated Security Services Limited held its Inter-Departmental & Divisional Door Decoration Competition 2016 on Monday 12th December, 2016. Ten (10) entrants decorated their office's door competing for the 1st prize of $1200.00 and People's Choice. At the end of the competition the IS Department triumph taking home the 1st prize and People's Choice. The People's Choice was chosen by the most likes attained via Facebook with 409 likes. 

  1. 1st Prize - Information Systems Dept.
  2. 2nd Prize - HSE Dept.
  3. 3rd Prize - Human Resource Dept.
  4. People's Choice - Information Systems Dept. 
  5. Special Prize - HR Training & Development for theme 'Bring back the ole Time Days'

Amongst the Departments/Divisions that competed are Finance, HR, HSE, IS, South West, East Central, South Central, South East, HR Training & Development and Maintenance.













Amalgamated Security Services Limited Divisional Office located in Tobago hosted its Annual Children's Christmas Party 2016 on Saturday December 10th, 2016. One hundred (100) kids were treated by Santa Claus and enjoyed games such as musical chairs and bouncy castle. The day was a fun filled event with lots of smiles and laughter. 











Amalgamated Security Services Limited hosted its 14th Annual Children's Christmas Party on December 03rd, 2016 at its Corporate Head Office located at Corner Churchill Roosevelt Highway & Macoya Road, Macoya. The event catered for 630 kids comprising of employee's children and children from Homes for the kids.

This year's theme 'The Amalgamated League' based on Superheroes and Disney Princesses. Member's of staff were dressed in the following characters:

  • Superman
  • Supergirl
  • Batman
  • Batgirl
  • Flash Girl
  • Spiderman
  • Iron Man
  • Black Widow
  • Catwoman
  • Hulk
  • Princess Tianna
  • Princess Christiana

The kids enjoyed games such as pony hoppers, bungee run, fishing, tin pan alley, bowling, and pin the batman. 






In Memory and Honour of our Fallen Hero Cpl. Anthony Joseph, who died in the line of duty on December 20th, 2015, the Chairman of Amalgamated Security Services Limited established the 'Anthony Joseph Foundation'. The 'Anthony Joseph Foundation' was officially launched on Saturday November 12th, 2016 at Amalgamated Security Conference Center, 81-82 Main Road, Chaguanas. 

The Foundation is designed to focus specifically on strengthening the Amalgamated Security Services Limited's Family and as such this year, the Foundation was dedicated to the sons and daughters of Amalgamated Security Services Limited's employees who were successful in the Secondary Entrance Assessment (SEA) 2016. Fifty-eight (58) sons and daughters of Amalgamated's employees were presented with grants valued at $TT 500.00 each. 

For more information visit the 'Anthony Joseph Foundation' page on this website; click the link below:

Cpl Anthony Joseph Foundation 



Amalgamated Security Services sponsored a Divali Gift to the nation with a Comedy Show on 22 Oct. 2016. The show was held at the Centre Point Mall in Chaguanas
The cast of the show included:

  • Peter Joseph
  • Learie Joseph
  • Tommy Joseph 
  • Brandon and Brandath Ramnath
  • The Saint
  • Eirnil Harry
  • Bernard Brereton
  • Spangalang
  • Knuts Landing 
  • Princess Margaret

As a gesture of good faith and support to our local culture Amalgamated Security Services Limited gifted 500 employees with free tickets. The comedy show main purpose was to be stress reliever to its employees during these economic hard times. 




Amalgamated Security Services Limited (ASSL) a premier provider of Security and Risk Management Services within the Caribbean region becomes the first security company to attain 100% scoring in Safe To Work (STOW) certification. The company recently achieved Safe TO Work (STOW) Re-Certification.

Over the past eight months, ASSL management team, led by Mrs. Pamela Hosein, integrated the principles promoted by STOW TT within the company’s operations. This included, but was not limited to operations such as Investigations, Marine and Medical. Having embedded these concepts, ASSL has been assessed by the STOW board at the High risk level and granted STOW TT certification.

We at ASSL view this achievement as yet another milestone demonstrating our dedication to our employees and stakeholders. This certification attests to the Company’s corporate responsibility to fulfil the comprehensive and highly reputed HSE management system criteria and is another illustration in ASSL’s commitment in preserving our position as the number one Security Company in the region.



Amalgamated Security Services Limited donated seventy-five (75) books (Inequality, Crime and Education in Trinidad and Tobago) researched and authored by Professor Ramesh Deosaran to the Trinidad and Tobago Police Service Social and Welfare Association on Friday, October 21st, 2016 at Police Administration Building. 

As quoted by our Chief Operations Officer, Curtis Cummings, at the function "Amalgamated Security rises to the occasion of being a corporate citizen and take pride in being offered the opportunity to contribute to our country's intellectual edification by supporting initiatives like this one today..."

"The organization envisages that the books will contribute immensely to the cultivation of programs and systems in the fight against crime in our communities."  




Amalgamated Security Services publicly congratulates Officer #14597 Gerald Grant for his strong sense of humanity and dedication to duty. Mr. Grant assisted a customer at a local bank on June the 1st 2016 when he realised that the person fell which resulted in a laceration to the head which quickly started to bleed. The injured person situation quickly became critical when he became unconscious. While the other officers stationed at the branch secured the premises, Mr. Grant stepped forward and performed chest compressions on the unconscious customer until the Emergency Health Services arrived.

We the management and staff of Amalgamated Security Services are very proud of Mr. Grant and would like to hereby extend our gratitude to him for this courageous act and his unwavering support in this time of need which led to a life being saved.

Mr. Grant, you have made us proud! 



Amalgamated Security Services Limited donated one hundred and twenty-five (125) books (Inequality, Crime and Education in Trinidad and Tobago) researched and authored by Professor Ramesh Deosaran to the Trinidad and Tobago Unified Teachers Association (TTUTA) on Saturday, October 15th, 2016 at Indar's Restaurant and Auditorium, Cunupia. 

As seen in the photo, Group Marketing Manager, Robert Baur, left, congratulates president of T&T Unified Teachers Association, Devanand Sinanan, during the presentation ceremony whilst Deputy Chief Operations Officer, Ricardo Laborde looks on. 














The Government of the Republic of Trinidad and Tobago hosted the Twelfth Conference of Defense Ministers of the Americas (XII CDMA) over the period October 10-12, 2016 at the Hyatt Regency, Port of Spain. Amalgamated Security Services Limited was a main sponsor for the event donating fifty (50) bags to Heads of Delegation and two hundred and fifty (250) bags to other delegates. Bags were branded with the Company's logo and colours representing the XII Conference. 








Amalgamated Security Services Limited also exhibited products, and electronic security technologies at the conference. The main objective of the conference was to facilitate dialogue, analysis, and the exchange of ideas and experiences on defence and security issues, with a view to promoting peace, enhancing security and increasing cooperation in the Hemisphere.





Amalgamated Security Services Limited - Gold Sponsor for the 37th Annual Crime Stoppers International Conference held at Hilton Trinidad & Tobago Conference Centre, Port -of-Spain during the period October 02 - 05th, 2016.

The theme at this year's conference was "Anonymous Reporting in the Digital Age". Topics covered at the conference are:- Cybercrime, Terrorism, Human Trafficking, Drugs & Gangs, Illicit Trade & Counterfeit Products and Wildlife Crime.








Amalgamated Security Services Limited hosted a booth at the event, its Honour Guards also guarded all events/activities hosted by the Conference. Amalgamated Security Services Limited band 'Gervais Mello Strings' Parang Band played at the Conference Cultural Evening held on Monday October 03rd, 2016.







In attendance at the conference were:

  • Senior officials from global, regional and local law enforcement agencies including INTERPOL, Association of Caribbean Commissioners or Police, the South African Police Service, the Toronto Police Service,
  • High level executives from business and media organizations including Proctor & Gamble, British American Tobacco, Philip Morris International, CNN Freedom Project,
  • Senior representatives from other global, regional and local NGO's that are involved in crime prevention including the United Nations Office on Drugs & Crime, UNICEF, the World Wildlife Fund, POLARIS, Stop the Traffick,
  • Directors and coordinators of Crime Stoppers chapters around the world including Canada, Australia, South Africa, Europe, Central America and the Caribbean.  



Amalgamated Security Services Limited hosted a recruitment booth at Mercy Village 2016 held at Jean Pierre Complex, Port-of-Spain on September 24, 2016. More than seventy (70) professionals from Amalgamated Security supported Law Enforcement in securing the environment at the Complex. Our very own Electronic Security & Integrated Systems Business Unit had several metal detectors at the entrance of the event scanning individuals for weapons and explosives.




The Mercy Village provided an opportunity for the nation's youths to take a more active role in shaping the development of our country and also bring awareness and encourage families, youth and young adults to commit themselves to being more merciful through the Corporal and Spiritual Works of Mercy. The Mercy Village consisted of the following:

  • The Mercy Pavillion
  • The Mercy Hour
  • The Mercy Centre
  • The Mercy Market
  • The Kids Village
  • The Mercy Festival



Amalgamated Security Services Limited, Chairman, Michael Aboud receives the 2016 ASIS Organizational Award of Merit at ASIS International Annual Seminar in Orlando, Miami.

During the seminar, three (3) companies were recognized by ASIS International Professional Certification Board (PCB) for their outstanding leadership and commitment to professional development in ASIS Board Certifications.

















In our continued efforts to support non profit organisations within our twin island state, Amalgamated Security Services proudly sponsored and participated in the St. Anthony’s Tigers Annual Cookout on the 9th of July 2016. ASSL and a host of various companies contributed a range of scrumptious dishes and drinks to the event. ASSL was afforded the opportunity to assist the school with ticket sale which was gladly accepted. The funds raised from the tickets sales and contributions from corporate participants will assist the school in projects that they currently have underway, such as facility refurbishment and striving for continual educational excellence.

As customary, entertainment was provided for patrons by Wendell Constantine and a popular DJ on the night and many persons danced the night away after delighting their taste buds with the savoury dishes served from over 40 different cooks, who all competed for Best Dish, Best Presentation and Most Creative name. The dishes presented were: Keshorn's Toco Fish, Jehue Hurdles Jumping Chicken, Torpedos Rich Lamb and a whole Hog. 

ASSL looks forward in serving another worthy cause which can enhance the life of others.  


On June 25th, 26th & 27th 2016, staff from Grenada (Amalgamated Security Services Limited) and St Lucia (Alternative Security Services Limited) underwent ATM Training in Trinidad. 

The training covered ATM Replenishment, First Line Maintenance and Skimming Awareness and was conducted by staff from the RBC Trincity Branch and the RBC Protection Services Unit. The staff were also exposed to Trinidad Cash in Transit operations. The participants were:

Grenada                                                            St. Lucia
• Larone Small                                               * Marvin Cherubin
• Kennedy Francois                                         * Melvin Le Compte
• Roosevin Rene                                            * Orlando Wilkie



Amalgamated Security Services Regional Recognition Awards Ceremony for Public Law Enforcement 2016

On a yearly basis Amalgamated Security Services invites 25 members of the Association of Caribbean Commissioners of Police to nominate top performers within their respective police forces for the Amalgamated Security Services Regional Recognition Awards Programme for Public Law Enforcement.

The winners are selected by an independent panels of international judges based on the nominations submitted. The awards are intended to publicly recognize police officers who by their efforts have contributed significantly to crime reduction, to the enhancement of community relations (with law enforcement), to the improvement of general safety and security and who have made an overall difference in their police force, communities and by extension nationally and regionally. Amalgamated Security Services hopes to have established a sustainable and impactful programme that will positively contribute to the motivation and dedication of Caribbean police officers. 

In 2016 the second annual Amalgamated Security Services Regional Recognition Award Programme for Public Law Enforcement ceremony was held in the lovely country of Suriname. The ceremony took place during the Association of Caribbean Commissioners of Police’s (ACCP) Annual General Meeting & Conference at the Royal Torarica Hotel in Paramaribo, Suriname, from the 16th to the 19th May 2016. On day two of the conference Amalgamated Security Services hosted its Awards Ceremony at a picturesque Surinamese location, nestled on the banks on the Suriname River which offers a breathtaking view of ships sailing up the river into the Port of Paramaribo from the Atlantic Ocean. In 2016, ten officers were recognized in three categories. 

Top Caribbean Crime Fighter: 

  1. Ag. Detective Chief Inspector Adrian Kartick, Royal British Virgin Islands Police Force
  2. Inspector Ray John Royal Antigua and Barbuda Police Force
  3. (a) Constable Clifford Charles, Royal Grenada Police Force 

          (b) Senior Superintendent David Abraham, Trinidad and Tobago Police Service  

Top Caribbean Community Policing Officer: 

  1. Corporal Ted King, Royal St. Lucia Police Force
  2. Sergeant Dianne Dumont, Royal Grenada Police Force 
  3. Constable Odale Mulgrave, Royal Cayman Islands Police Service  

Top Caribbean Career Move: 

  1. Inspector Leo Anglin, Royal Cayman Islands Police Service 
  2. Woman Inspector Vena Butler, Trinidad and Tobago Police Service 
  3. Assistant Superintendent Bryan Isaacs, Corps Politie 

Amalgamated Security Services invited all ten awardees to all expenses paid trips to Suriname where they received their trophies publicly in front of the attending police commissioners, local law enforcement officials and other invited guests. The three first place winners additionally were awarded a cash prize of US$5,000.00 by Amalgamated Security Services. At the ceremony, Amalgamated Security Services received raved reviews and positive feedback from the winners, runner ups, the ACCP organising committee as well as the Commissioners of Police from the various ACCP. 

For more information, click the link/s below: 


Amalgamated Security Services Limited sponsored the Prisons Association Annual Carnival Fiesta 2016 where various prisons sections compete over a three week celebration and one monarch from each section perform at the Grand Calypso Fiesta Concert at Woodford Square, Port-of-Spain. The Grand Fiesta Concert was held on February 03rd,2016.





Amalgamated Security Services Chairman, Michael Aboud Tells His Story 

'Unlocking his Services' Michael Aboud, Chairman of Amalgamated Security Services Limited tells his story in the TTCSI Quarterly Magazine. The magazine also featured articles on Amalgamated Security Services Limited achievement of 2015 Service Provider of the Year, Best use of Innovation in Service and an article written by Chairman, Michael Aboud on Cyber crime. For more information, click the links below: 

  1. Unlocking his Services:
  2. Cyber crime:
  3. 2015 Provider of the Year :
  4. Best Use of Innovation: 




Amalgamated Security Services Officer Receives Award at the National Security Officers Foundation Induction and Award Ceremony 

On April 29th, 2016, Amalgamated Security Officer, EC Sheldon Paul received an award for 'Heroism' from the National Security Officers Foundation at their Induction and Award Ceremony held at City Hall Auditorium, Port of Spain.  

Estate Constable Sheldon Paul in attendance at a training session at the Eric Williams Medical Complex on August 15th, 2015, arrested a man at the location for an attempted rape. He was charged at the St. Joseph Police Station for the act of indecency. 

The Management and staff of Amalgamated Security Services Limited extends its congratulations to EC Sheldon Paul for his act of courage and for making an outstanding arrest towards public safety. 





Amalgamated Security Services (Barbados) Limited Partake in ICBL Family Walk & Run  

On April 28th, 2016, Amalgamated Security Services Limited (Barbados) partook in the Insurance Corporation of Barbados Limited (ICBL) Annual 5 k Family Fun Run and Walk for charity. 

The event started and finished at ICBL Headquarters on Roebuck Street, with the popular Health Extravaganza following the much anticipated 5k Walk/Run and the 10k run, which kicked off at 6 a.m. 

To view more information, click the link: 









Amalgamated Security Services Limited Awards Caribbean Top Cops 2016

In December 2014, Amalgamated Security Services Limited in partnership with the Association of Caribbean Commissioners of Police (ACCP) launched the 'Amalgamated Security Services Regional Recognition Awards Programme for Public Law Enforcement' at its Annual General Meeting in Miami. On May the 12th, 2015, eight (8) outstanding Caribbean Police Officers were recognized at the inaugural Awards Ceremony held in St. Kitts for the first time.  

For 2016, the second set of winners and runners-up in the Regional Recognition Awards Programme  will be recognized at the inaugural ceremony to be held at the 31st Annual General Meeting & Conference of the ACCP in Suriname. 

The winners and runners-up are as follows:

Top Caribbean Career Move: 

  • Winner -  Inspector Leo Anglin, Cayman Islands
  • First Runner-Up - Woman Inspector Vena Butler, Trinidad and Tobago
  • Second Runner-Up - Assistant Superintendent Bryan Isaacs, Suriname

Top Caribbean Crime Fighter: 

  • Winner - Ag Detective Chief Insp Adrian Kartick, British Virgin Islands
  • First Runner-Up - Inspector Ray John, Antigua and Barbuda
  • Second Runner-Up - Constable Clifford Charles, Grenada
  • Snr. Superintendent - David Abraham, Trinidad and Tobago 

Top Caribbean Community Police Officer: 

  • Winner - Corporal Ted King, St. Lucia 
  • First Runner-Up - Sergeant Dianne Dumont, Grenada
  • Second Runner-Up - Constable Odale Mulgrave, Cayman Islands 

For more information and highlights, click links below: 

Alternative Security Services Celebrates Staff after Five Years of Service 

The staff and clients of Alternative Security Services (St. Lucia) Ltd have been celebrated for their confidence and commitment to the company established here five years ago. 

A special awards night was held to mark five years of operations in St. Lucia for the Trinidad based security firm which also has a footprint in Grenada, Barbados and Guyana. 

Executives from head office in Trinidad and Tobago and regional managers joined staff in St. Lucia in celebrating the accomplishments of the first five years for the Alternative Security Services (St. Lucia) Limited. 

The General Manager of Alternative Security Services (St. Lucia) Ltd, Andrew Callender said it was a night to show appreciation and to encourage those who contributed to the company in its initial years. 

Mr. Callender told the gathering that “When operations started in 2010 three groups of individuals took a leap of faith: one, the Chairman for establishing business in a new country, two, the very first set of workers who joined not knowing, not having any idea what they were getting themselves involved in, and three, those business partners who decided to come on board and give us their business. I am standing here to pay tribute to all”. 

Mr. Callender noted that it had not always been smooth sailing, but they persevered and faced the challenges head on. “We have worked closely with you our business partners to determine how to meet your security needs in the most cost-effective manner while at the same time ensuring that the overall security is not compromised” he said. He commended staff acknowledging that “our people with their commitment to the highest standards of excellence and integrity are our guarantee for the delivery of efficient, professional and reliable security services”. 

Mr. Brian Ramsey, the Regional Development Manager of the parent company Amalgamated Security Services Ltd supported the views expressed by the local General Manager adding that “the foundation of our business is staff. And my initial fears of if we would find good staff have proven to be unfounded. While we honor these employees tonight I pay tribute to all our staff”. 

Mr. Brian Ramsey recalled Hurricane Thomas in 2010 and the commitment showed by staff in very trying circumstances. He recalled that “after the hurricane I was sitting in Trinidad and I was worried that staff would not turn up for work. That they would say they have to see about their house and their family and their wives. And when I was told of the distances that staff walked to get to work I was reassured that we have good staff in St. Lucia”. 

Present for the celebration of staff was the Acting Commissioner of Police Errol Alexander who spoke of deepening continued close working relationships between law enforcement and security firms. 

He pointed out that "There is a need to continuously establish and retain a formal relationship between the police and yourselves as private security as we both have common goals and you provide a major protective role in society. That is to say we both are in the business of crime prevention to create a safe environment for citizens and visitors alike" 

The Chairman of Amalgamated Security Services Ltd, the parent company, Mr. Michael Aboud, gave what he considered to be his inaugural address, since the soft launch five years ago. 

Mr Aboud commended the operations in St. Lucia noting the tremendous progress made in five years, noting that "To date we are happy to report that from our estimates we presently have 24% of the market share which is a significant milestone and we look forward to further growth as we endeavour to continue to do our best and serve our clients and employees faithfully”. 

Mr. Aboud praised the award winners for adhering to the watch words ‘service and excellence’, observing their commitment to high standards, integrity; and for delivering efficient, professional and reliable security services. Over a dozen staff were celebrated with awards and special trophies for their dedication and hard work since inception in St. Lucia. 

Amalgamated Security Services Ltd is looking at establishing a base in Antigua by mid-2016.

More information can be viewed at : or or or 

Amalgamated Security Services Limited (ASSL) Donates Forensic Kit to Royal St. Lucia Police Force

During a ceremony at the Royal St. Lucia Police Force’s Headquarters on January 18, 2016 a ‘Forensic Latent Fingerprint Kit’ was handed over to St. Lucia’s Acting Commissioner of Police Errol Alexander and his crime scene experts by Dr. Maurice Aboud, Chief Forensic & Criminalistic Officer at ASSL and Lab Director at Caribbean Forensic Services Limited. Commissioner Alexander highlighted that the ‘Forensic Latent Fingerprint Kit’ was specifically selected by RSLPF’s experts to complement the current crime scene armoury. St. Lucia’s ACP Crime Milton Desir stated that there is no doubt that this vital tool will enhance the crime scene investigative capabilities of the Royal Saint Lucia Police Force. Dr. Aboud affirmed that this kit will be useful indeed to collect evidence in a manner in which such evidence can be upheld in court and lead to conviction. (In St. Lucia ASSL operates as ‘Alternative Security Services Limited’.)

In response to the Caribbean region’s need for advanced forensic services, Amalgamated Security Services Limited (ASSL) established ‘Caribbean Forensic Services Limited’ - a special purpose company to further support the regional fight against crime. At the Intersessional Meeting of the Association of Caribbean Commissioners of Police (ACCP) in December 2014, ASSL then launched its ‘Forensic Investigations Support Programme – F.I.S.P.’. On a yearly basis, every Caribbean Commissioner of Police has the opportunity to select a forensic kit of their choice from a list provided by Caribbean Forensic Services Limited and to receive it free of charge. Various Police Forces have already received their kits of choice. For further information on the programme, please contact Dr. Maurice Aboud at 868-391-0008 or  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

For more information, click link/s below:

Corporate Events:

On July 02nd, 2016 Amalgamated Security Services Limited held its Annual Awards Ceremony in recognition of Service in Excellence. Awardees in the category of 10, 15, 20 & 25 years of service inclusive of Posthumous, Merit and Special Awardees were recognized for their unparalleled dedication to making the company's vision, mission and values a reality.

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