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TRACE certifies Amalgamated Security Services for transparency in commercial transactions and compliance with international anti-bribery standards

As in previous years, Amalgamated Security Services Limited (ASSL) continues its unremitting pursuit of professional excellence and exemplary corporate governance. The company was recently granted TRACE certification after a comprehensive due diligence during which TRACE reviewed ASSL’s background, including but not limited to corporate history; key management team; corporate governance; commercial transactions with employees, suppliers and clients; as well as marketing & sales activities. The TRACE certification signifies ASSL’s commitment to transparency in international commercial transactions and in particular the firm’s compliance with international anti-bribery standards. ASSL also congratulates its Financial Director, Mr. John Aboud, on his personal certification after the successful completion of a TRACE Anti-Bribery Course.

TRACE is an internationally acknowledged organization that consists of TRACE International and TRACE Incorporated. Both entities share the mission to increase commercial transparency for multinational companies and their commercial intermediaries by raising the standard of anti-bribery compliance. TRACE Incorporated has also earned the reputation of being the global due diligence standard setting organization. 



Amalgamated Security Services Ranked Second Most Recognized Integrator for Electronic Security in Central America and the Caribbean

Ventas de Seguridad, the leading magazine and portal for the electronic security industry in Latin America , has ranked Amalgamated Security Services Business Unit for Electronic Security & Integrated Systems (ESIS) the second most recognised integrator for electronic security throughout Central America and the Caribbean. 

Head of ESIS at Amalgamated Security Services, Dr. Paul Alleyne, says: “Everybody here is excited and considers this result as proof that we followed the right strategy – unwavering customer focus, no matter what! As a successful integrator, the first thing you need to do is a detailed needs assessment with your potential client. You also have to understand that clients more and more are looking for a strategic partner. Their businesses get more and more complex and in consequence we have to offer solutions that fully integrate the various areas of concern into a smooth working platform that adds value to our clients’ operations. Combining this approach with flawless project execution and unparalleled service levels has allowed ESIS to grow exponentially and to consistently expand its customer base throughout the region. Obviously, the manufacturers and distributors have observed this development and as of today we have strong agreements with many of the world leading brands. As a result we are able to offer our clients access to state-of-the-art technologies at most competitive rates.”  


Amalgamated Security Services Receives Top Gold Partner in Trinidad Award from Axis Communications

Head of Electronic Security & Integrated Systems Business Unit, Dr. Paul Alleyne received the award of Top Gold Partner in Trinidad Award from Axis Communications in Miami.


Amalgamated Security Services Launched Regional Recognition Awards Programme

Michael Aboud’s influence and vision in the Caribbean for providing security solutions remains immense. He conceived to recognise Caribbean Police Officers in the field of ‘Top Cops’ by launching on the 2nd December 2014, at the Association of Caribbean Commissioners of Police (ACCP) intercessory meeting held in Miami, the Amalgamated Security Services Limited Regional Recognition Awards Programme. The programme will recognize ‘Top Cops’ from member countries of the ACCP in three categories:

  1. Top Caribbean Community Policing Officer
  2. Top Caribbean Crime Fighter
  3. Top Caribbean Career Move

He also hosted a concert for the Association of Caribbean Commissioners of Police at 29th Annual General Meeting.











Amalgamated Security Services Limited Sponsors Association of Caribbean Commissioners of Police AGM

The Trinidad & Tobago Police Service recently hosted the 29th Annual General Meeting (AGM) & Conference of the Association of Caribbean Commissioners of Police. At the AGM, Amalgamated Security Services Limited's Chairman presented his views on "Partnering with Private Security Companies in the Fight Against Crime."

Amalgamated Security Services Limited being a Titanium Sponsor, hosted a cocktail reception and concert for the Caribbean Commissioners of Police and other dignified guests, where senior members of staff presented an overview of the Company and it services. Presenting at the reception were:

  • Brian Ramsey - Regional Director
  • Dr. Maurice Aboud - Head of Forensics & Criminalistics Unit
  • Dr. Paul Alleyne - Head of Electronic Security & Integrated Systems
  • Dr. Ricardo Ramdhan - Head of ISSI Unit
  • Dr. Hernandez - Training Consultant

The company also hosted a booth at the Hyatt Regency displaying its products and services in Electronic Security and Integrated Systems. 


Amalgamated Security Services (Grenada) Limited Receives the Prestigious 'People's Choice 2014' Award

Amalgamated Security Services (Grenada) Limited receives the prestigious ‘People’s Choice 2014’ award from the Grenada Chamber of Industry and Commerce (GCIC) at its 26th Annual Business Awards function. General Manager of ASSL Grenada, Major Charles Rodriquez, says: “It is just fantastic. Our heavy investment into the careful selection and ongoing training of our officers has now been publicly recognized. Our clients knew already that if you are contracting ASSL, you do get a well-rounded officer, who is not only fully qualified to secure your people and assets in any given circumstances, but who is also trained to represent your company or handle issues at your home. Our cash transport and alarm monitoring services also adhere to the highest international standards. Obviously, our main priority is to secure our clients. However, we have experienced that our sheer presence in many locations throughout the island also helps to decrease the number of incidents in communities fencing our client locations. The People’s Choice award now has shown that Grenada’s general population appreciates this fact. Thanks to the GCIC, every Grenadian could vote for her or his company of choice via text message for one week, and ASSL emerged as the People’s Choice. Having also been nominated as Employer of the Year further reassures me that our continuous human development program and our socially responsible employment practices are on track and appreciated. We will continue to be the security company of choice for clients, employees and the broader population and who knows what will happen at next year’s awards ceremony …”

Brian Ramsey, Regional Development Director for the ASSL Group of Companies, headquartered in Trinidad & Tobago, with further operations in Grenada, Barbados, St. Lucia, Guyana and soon in Antigua, adds: “We do thank the GCIC for this opportunity and congratulate Mr. Rodriquez for his excellence in service. We also extend our gratitude to everyone who has voted for us. For more than 3 decades we have put systems and procedures in place to ensure that any of our various services are standard setting for the Caribbean region. These high standards have helped us to grow into the largest private security firm in Grenada and I am very proud that we are able to contribute to the overall security and safety in the country.”

Electronic Security & Integrated Systems (ESIS), a Business Unit of Amalgamated Security Services Limited earns Ocularis Boot Camp Certification from ONSSI

Electronic Security & Integrated Systems, Business Unit of Amalgamated Security Services Limited technical experts have earned the Ocularis Boot Camp Certification from ONSSI on November 14th, 2014.

The certification provided ESIS with the knowledge and skills to be able to install and support the full Ocularis platform. The training covered broad spectrum certification in the Ocularis ES, Ocularis LS, Ocularis CS and Ocularis IS. Sergio Sanchez from On-Net Surveillance Systems Inc. (ONSSI) conducted the training.

This software is used prominently in the financial services, energy, health care and government sectors particularly by the Ministry of National Security.
This achievement marks Amalgamated Security Services Limited as the holder of the most Certified Ocularis technical experts in the Caribbean.

Regional Private Security Provider Commences Operations in Guyana

Having opened its subsidiary in Georgetown Guyana on 16th May, 2012, Amalgamated Security Services (Guyana) Inc started training its first batch of officers on 17th November, 2014, led by former Trinidad & Tobago Deputy Commissioner of Police Davis Douglas. Training started with 21 persons comprising seven women and 14 men. Subsequent to three consecutive weeks of training, 15 persons graduated at Regency Suites/Hotel on Hadfield Street, Georgetown. 

Amalgamated Security’s General Manager for Guyana, Mr. Wayne Clarke, says: “We are here to raise the quality level of private security services in Guyana. And quality service starts with quality employees. The ASSL Group has not only the most thorough selection & recruitment process throughout the Caribbean region, we also expose our recruits to an extensive training during which they are put through intense physical and academic exercises. Only the best performers become Amalgamated Security Officers. Having completed this most challenging exercise, we are confident that our new officers are now fully qualified to join Amalgamated Security Services in its ongoing pursuit of excellence.”

Regional Development Director for ASSL, Brian Ramsey, adds: “We are confident in Mr. Clarke’s capability to establish for our Guyana operations the same undisputed and outstanding reputation for service excellence that we pride ourselves on throughout the ASSL Group of Companies. Being operational in Guyana now is a further milestone in our regional expansion. We hope to be operational in Antigua soon and will continue to monitor the other islands within the region in 2015 so that we can provide our services when and where they are needed. Our ongoing growth means that clients throughout the region can benefit from the group’s cumulative expertise and trans-national crime fighting strategies. Last but certainly not least, the decades of experience within the group also enable each group member to provide premium security services to its clients in the most cost-efficient manner possible.”

Michael Aboud Appoints Andre Coore General Manager of Amalgamated Security Services (Barbados)Ltd

He appointed Andre Coore General Manager of Amalgamated Security Services (Barbados) Ltd. Coore is a former regional manager with the Guardsman Group in Jamaica. Coore have an MBA from Nova Southeastern University and a BSc in management from Northern Caribbean University. According to a release, he oversaw security detail for most of Jamaica's major hotel chains. 











Amalgamated Security Services Limited Prisoner Transport Division Contract Renewed 

On March 18th, 2014, the National Insurance Property Development Company Limited awarded contract to Amalgamated Security Services Limited for the provision of Prisoner Transport Services for the Trinidad and Tobago Prison Services.

Amalgamated Security Services Certifies Officers from Prison and Police Services in CPR and AED

On Saturday the 25th of October 2014, Amalgamated Security Services Limited (ASSL) in co-operation with the Trinidad and Tobago Police Service (TTPS) and the Prison Services of Trinidad & Tobago held a Certification Ceremony at TTPS’ Guard & Emergency Branch in El Socorro to recognize successful participants of CPR (Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation) and AED (Automated External Defibrillator) training programmes. The trainings were delivered by ASSL’s Training Academy in various locations throughout the country. 142 Police Officers and 33 Prison Officers successfully completed the courses. ASSL also re-trained 43 of its Prisoner Transport drivers.

The initiative came to life due to this year’s many new requirements for the provision of prisoner transport services by ASSL, including the change “from trucks to busses to make prisoner transport more humane”, as Surrendra Sagramsingh, Ag. Superintendent of Police (Court and Process Branch), informed the audience. In this context three ambulance style vehicles were also introduced to transport infirmed persons to court by means of stretcher or wheelchair. David Milette, Ag. Superintendent of Prisons, further elaborated that a few month ago “it was identified that there would have been special needs prisoners and individuals … (and) once we transport these individual (to court) there might be emergencies along the way and we should have trained personnel for all the services involved who would be able to render immediate assistance. … What we are dealing with are lives and lives to be saved.” He thanked “the Amalgamated Services for their vision in projecting the future with a distance … (and) for orchestrating this programme”. Mr. Sagramsingh agreed by stating that “I as the Superintendent of Court and Process Branch wish to extend much thanks to the Amalgamated Services for allowing us to be part of this, for allowing our personnel to be trained by their certified instructors, so that we can operate in a more proficient, efficient and effective manner”.

Chief Administrative Officer of ASSL’s Prisoner Transport Division, Gregory Jack described the objectives of the initiative as teaching law enforcement officers when and how to apply CPR, if required using the automated external defibrillator. He also highlighted that ASSL’s Training Academy is part of the United States National Safety Council’s (NSC) Network of Instructors and therefore courses are based on internationally recognized standards and successful participants are NSC certified. ASSL’s Training Academy is also certified by the National Training Agency of Trinidad & Tobago and is part of NTATT’s Registry of TVET Training Providers.

Calvert Ellis, Chief Operations Officer of ASSL’s Prisoner Transport Division, closed the ceremony by thanking “all members of the Police Service and the Prison Service and in particular the Seniors in those agencies for their cooperation in assisting us in achieving what we had to achieve. Without their support and cooperation we would not have achieved it. We can only succeed by working together”. 

Corporate Events:

12th Annual Children's Christmas Party

Since 2002, Amalgamated Security Services Limited (ASSL) is hosting its Annual Children's Christmas Party. The yearly event is one way in which the company expresses its gratitude to the families of its employees for the continued support of their beloved ones, enabling ASSL's officers, administrative staff and management to perform at their best and to deliver the outstanding service quality that ASSL is known for. 










Corporate Sponsorships/Donations:

  • February 2014: L'anse Noire Moravian Primary School
  • April 2014: Black Hawks Martial Arts Management Network/Association; T&T Police Service Office of the Senior Superintendant - North Eastern Division
  • May 2014: Association of Caribbean Commissioner's of Police Annual General Meeting
  • June 2014: Massy Rainbow Cup (Team Hope)
  • June 2014: Sponsorship of Daiselle Phillip at the World Karate Union Hall of Fame Championships on June 21st and the Legends Hall of Fame Championship 28th - 29th June at the Slip Rock resort Pennsylvania.
  • June 2014: TTPS North-Eastern Division Santa Cruz Career Fair
  • July 2014: St. Anthony's Cookout;  

Amalgamated Security Services supports “Tigers Who Can Cook 2014” 

Amalgamated Security Services Limited (ASSL) proudly continues to support its surrounding communities and organizations. On Saturday, 05th of July 2014, the St. Anthony’s College Alumni Association held their second “Tigers Who Can Cook” event. With the funds raised through ticket sales the St. Anthony’s Old Boys are assisting the College in various projects regarding the enhancement of facilities and in its continued strive for academic excellence for its students. ASSL gladly took the opportunity to support the alumni in their ticket sales. ASSL officers also secured the College ground throughout the event and ASSL’s Archangel Ambulance was present for the evening. Luckily no medical emergency needed to be attended to. 

Patrons enjoyed an entertaining evening and could focus their undivided attention on the main attraction: numerous delicacies provided by more than 40 cooks competing in different categories including best taste and most creative name for a dish. Tents of competitors were organized according to their contributions, including side orders, deserts and meats. ASSL sponsored 4 mouth-watering meat dishes, all themed around the ongoing World Cup. The “Messi Marinated Lamb” eventually even won the evening’s prize for “Best Pot 2014”. Other dishes like the “Roasted FIFA Executive” and the “Brazilian Samba Chicken” attracted many patrons to the tent where ASSL’s promotional girls served the food with a smile and their usual charm. All in all it was a well spent evening with good company, great family atmosphere and glorious food – all for a good cause.

  • July 2014: Eastern Correctional Rehabilitation Centre; T&T Prison Youth Club
  • August 2014: The Cleaveland Temple SDA Church, Belmont
  • September 2014: Individual Duathlon Event; T&T Police Service Office of the Senior Superintendant - Western Division; Police Wives Association; 
  • November 2014: T&T Police Service Office of the La Horquetta Police Station
  • December 2014: T&T Police Station - Tunapuna Police


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