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Our Health & Safety Policy

AMALGAMATED SECURITY SERVICES LIMITED is committed to conducting its business in a consistent manner to protect the safety and health of employees, clients and the environment. Working safely is a continuing condition of employment and everyone at ASSL is required to accept his/her respective responsibility with respect to occupational health, safety and environmental excellence.

Consistence adherence to our HSE Management System is critical to the successful accomplishment of our goal of zero incidents i.e. no personal injuries, no property damage and no environmental degradation, which the company believes is achievable.

In furtherance of this policy the company will:

Manage its business with minimum risk to employees, clients and the environment.

  • Comply with all applicable legislation codes and best practices and in the absence of such, apply responsible standards.
  • Ensure pre-job safety reviews based on hazard identification risk assessment appropriate control measures and monitoring.
  • Ensure that employees their clients and third parties are well informed trained engaged in and committed to improved HSE performance.
  • Ensure timely and effective response to emergencies accidents and/or injuries resulting from its operations.
  • Stress to all employees their respective responsibility and accountability for HSE performance.

All our employees are responsible for promoting accident prevention and the safe performance of the work. Where no specific HSE rules apply employees must rely on good judgment following the safest course available. No action should be taken until employees are fully aware of the hazards involved and have a control plan to minimize or eliminate entirely the risk of injury.

No job is so important, no service so urgent that we at ASSL cannot take time to perform all work safely.

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